Pairing: F/K

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Things aren’t always what they seem....

Notes: Written in response to a challenge assayed by Kellie Matthews to write a sex scene in Ray Kowalski POV using coptalk.

Circumstantial Evidence


Detective Ray Kowalski
Case Notes

On Friday February 14, 1997 at approximately 11:31pm, I entered the premises of the suspect, Benton Robert Fraser. Constable Fraser resided at the Canadian Consulate where he was also an employee. I had had the Constable under observation for approximately two years at that time.

I suspected that Constable Fraser was engaging in various indecent sexual acts and was, perhaps, guilty of performing sodomy. Under the Illinois State Criminal Code, sodomy— the anal or oral stimulation of a man’s penis—is considered illegal. It was my hope to catch Constable Fraser in the act.

While under surveillance earlier in the evening, at approximately 11:02, the Constable had been seen with his arms around his junior officer, one Renfield Turnbull, who was also employed by the Consulate. The younger officer was reportedly singing in an extremely off-key manner while the pair exited a taxicab that parked briefly in front of the Consulate building. Constable Fraser’s hands were seen groping his companion’s buttocks and groin area prior to the pair’s disappearance into the shadowy recesses of the Consulate doorway where it was impossible to see what else might have transpired.

These lascivious acts performed in public were determined to provide probable cause to enter the premises.

Moving quietly, so as not to alert the perpetrators to my presence, I entered through the unlocked front door and made my way down the hall to Constable Fraser’s office. There was a light visible under the door. I stopped outside and listened.

The moaning I heard was undoubtedly masculine and appeared to be emanating from Constable Fraser. I kicked the door open and entered the room. I identified myself as a member of the Chicago Police Department as soon as I was inside the door.

Constable Fraser appeared to be alone in the room. However, from his state of undress it was apparent that he was indeed performing lascivious acts. The constable wore only a sleeveless undershirt and trousers that were open at the fly. His feet were bare. He stood near the room’s only window leaning over a cot with one hand resting on the windowsill. His other hand held his erect penis.

“Where’s Turnbull?” I asked after ascertaining we were, indeed, alone in the room.

The suspect answered calmly, despite the awkwardness of our situation. “Constable Turnbull is asleep outside in the back alley in the refrigerator box he currently calls his home. We transported his box here earlier in the evening for precisely this purpose. I assure you he is still there; if you listen, the sound of his snoring can quite easily be heard.”

I did not answer and in the resulting silence it was indeed possible for a variety masculine snoring to be heard through the open window. Quietly I radioed my backup to identify the sleeping man in the alley. Constable Fraser remained silent while I waited for the I.D.

The sleeping man was identified as Constable Renfield Turnbull.

Once I heard the positive I.D. I attempted to apologize for the misunderstanding.

“And what misunderstanding might that be, Detective?” the suspect asked.

I informed the suspect that we had mistakenly assumed that he and Constable Turnbull were engaging in illegal sexual acts. I apologized again and attempted to leave the room.

The suspect asked me to wait and then asked for further clarification. “What acts did you think Constable Turnbull and I might be performing, Detective? I would not want to run afoul of the laws of my host country, even though,” he arched his eyebrow, “as Turnbull and I are both Canadian nationals and, at the moment, on Canadian soil, I believe you would have difficulty in... bringing us to task if we did violate your laws.”

I closed the door behind me and stepped closer to the suspect. “Sodomy. Anal penetration between men.”

“Ah.” The suspect said no more, but it became readily apparent that he was highly interested in the conversation as he had yet to button up his trousers. “Why are you still here, Detective?” the constable asked after a few moments of silence.

I explained that I was having a hunch that further observation of the suspect in this room would lead to the discovery of illegal acts being performed. I then drew my own weapon.

Constable Fraser seemed impressed with size and strength of my weapon. Using his mouth, the suspect explored the surface of my weapon thoroughly. I remarked that he was quite skilled at using his tongue. He replied that, as a Mountie, he had been trained to utilize all of his senses to gather data in the most thorough manner possible. This detective can now testify wholeheartedly that his training stood him in good stead.

The suspect then wet his index finger and used it to probe my person in a most remarkable fashion. The data he collected from this endeavor almost caused him to choke, but he was able to keep up with the stream most admirably.

When the constable squatted next to me, I noticed that his pants had been dispensed with during the short recovery time I found necessary to employ after sharing all that data. Between his legs he held a weapon of impressive proportions. Using my hand-to-hand combat training, I reached for the weapon and attempted to disarm him.

This proved unsuccessful. However, the energy and effort he put into our mutual grappling for it seemed to tire him. Possibly he suffered some fluid loss. He put up no resistance when I rolled him over and restrained him by the wrists. It was my intention to bring the suspect in immediately for further questioning, however, he opened up quite nicely for me there in his room. I was able to penetrate his defenses and reach into his very soul. We communicated throughout the night.

Due to that interview, I feel I’ve gained a new understanding of Constable Fraser and, perhaps, even of myself. Further investigation seems warranted.

Ray Kowalski, Detective