Rating:  NC-17           

Pairing:  F/K

Acknowledgements:  Thanks to Denise for a quick beta and to starting the whole thing by asking me to please send her a 'slash-style palate cleanser' after encountering some squicky het-type stuff.  Not only is she a good buddy, but inspirational, too.  ;)

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"I must insist, Ray, that you give it back."

"Come and get it, Mountie."  Okay, so I know I'm being provocative.  I know I'm acting like a kid on the play ground.  So the fuck what.  They took my case, they took it away just when Fraser and I were getting somewhere, they took it away so those damn lame-ass Fibbies could play Ping-Pong with their goddamned theories all day.  They want my case notes?  They can fucking wait for a warrant and come search my ass for them because I am NOT giving them up willingly.

"Ray, they DO have jurisdiction.  I am as upset as you are, but we really have no choice here...."

Oh yeah, Fraser looks upset.  Fraser doesn't even look like he has a fucking hemorrhoid over there, so there is no fucking way he's upset.

"Oh, we have a choice, Fraser.  We have a choice about burning these notes or flushing them down the john, what we don't have a choice about is who gets the collar on this, cause it sure as fuck won't be ME!"  Okay, time to go back to Tough Guy Voice, that last bit was a little whiny.

He steps toward me with his hand out.  "Ray, please, I know how you feel but those notes will help catch the perpetrator.  Isn't that what's important?"

Ooooh.  A direct hit right in the ego.  Duty first, Duty last, Duty all the damn time for Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP.  "You want 'em?"  My voice is shaking, I'm so mad.  "You come get them."  And I take off. Fast and furious, I'm down the hall past the break room headed for the stairs.

At the stairwell, I chance a look back to see if he's following. Is the Pope Catholic?  Oh, you bet. I let the door bang behind me and jump down the first flight of stairs.


Not one of my better ideas.

I stumble down the next flight of stairs before I'm hit with a brainstorm. Do something unexpected.  Be stealthy, yeah, that's it.   Following the new stealth plan, I ease out of the stairwell onto the third floor, gently closing the door behind me.  Then I run swiftly and stealthily (according to plan) down the hall to the west side of the building and west side stairs.

Then, instead of going down, I go up.  Heh.  Stealthy, that's me.

I take my shoes off, just in case Bat Ears the Wonder Mountie happens to be on this staircase.  Freak.  I tiptoe quickly up past Four, past Five and past Six and up to the roof.  Before I open the door to the roof, I stop and listen hard.  No noise.  Huh.

I open the door and step out onto the hot tar.

"Hi, Ray!"

I'm sorry to say an extremely high-pitched and girly scream emanates from the general region of my mouth.  Probably because my balls just jumped up in my throat.  The door to the stairs slams shut behind me.

"Fraser!"  I yell, furious, swinging around to face him.

With no warning whatsoever, he backs me into the door and holds me there with one hand on my shoulder.  "Give me the notes, Ray."  He stares intently into my eyes and I'm suddenly and embarrassingly completely rock-hard and wanting.  Adrenaline, it's just adrenaline, I tell myself and will myself to soften.

"Fuck you, Fraser."

"Really, Ray, I really think we can decide that later.  Now, give me the notes."

Wha-?  I shake my head.  Fraser's just playing along.  There's no way he could have meant what that sounded like.  "Don't have 'em, Fraser." I fling my hands out, showing him they are empty.  "I tossed them in the incinerator. "

"I don't believe so, Ray."  His hand on my shoulder flattens out and suddenly, he flips me around until I'm facing the door.  "I'm very sorry, but I believe I'm going to have to search you."  His voice in my ear sounds raspy and he's close enough that I think I feel his lips brush against my skin.

His hands slide off my shoulders and down my sides, feeling each and every rib.  My breathing speeds up and I'm all but panting.  Is this happening? Is it good?  "Fraser,...." I try, but his hands on my hips make the rest of what I was going to say get lost in a moan.

"Are you all right, Ray?"

"Yeah, yeah....didja find anything, Mountie?"  I'm trying to pull together the Tough Guy voice, but I can't seem to find all the pieces I need.

He hesitates and I can hear the gravel under his boots as he shifts weight. "Not yet...I believe I should investigate further."  Very carefully, he avoids my back pockets and slides his hands down the outside of my legs to my knees.  Christ, is he kneeling behind me?  I groan again and nearly buck into the closed door in front of me at the mental picture.

He's moving his hands up the insides of my legs now.  Oh, he's going to find something for sure, now.  I tense in excitement and anticipation.

The brush of his fingers against my balls sends me into the door.  God, what is he thinking?  Is he thinking about me like I'm thinking about him, like I've been thinking about him?  Please....

"Turn around, please."  His voice is not steady, but considering how my knees are shaking, I can't really talk.  If I turn around in the state I'm in, I know I'll get my answers.  I just hope they're the kind I like.  Eyes closed, head on the door, I roll around and face him.

He climbs to his feet in front of me and puts his hands back on my shoulders.  Before I can open my eyes and see what's what with him, he slides his hands down my chest.  Using just his palms, he rubs against my nipples.  I can't help the smile that breaks out on my face, but I keep my eyes closed.

One hand leaves my chest and travels down south to my crotch, where he gets any answers he might be looking for.

"You could at least kiss me while you do that," I whisper pushing up into his hand which feels as good as I've only imagined.

"Can I, Ray?"  I open my eyes then and look at him.  He looks intense and turned on and I figure Iíve got about one minute to sign the permission form for a whole new kind of field trip.

I decide to cut to the chase.  "Anything, Fraser, I'm a sure thing."  I let myself reach out and pull him closer.

He leans in close and I open my mouth a little to get ready when I feel something warm and moist on my...cheek?  He's jerking me through my jeans and I get a cheek kiss?  What's up with that?

I pull back to ask, but he shushes me and goes for my other cheek.  Nice, warm, wet kiss, little tongue there, but again with the face kisses.  Not where I'm going here.  "Hey--" He cuts me off by leaning in close again and I get a kiss on the forehead, the chin, and the neck.  If he goes for the nose, I'm outta here.

Kisses are coming faster now, some on my eyes, and eyebrows, my eyes are closing, I'm kind of getting into all this. His lips are everywhere, he's covering me with his lip prints.  I feel...adored.  Weird, but strangely cool.

The first kiss on my lips takes my breath away.  The next one makes me stupid.  By the third one with tongue, we're grinding against each other like we're never going to get a chance to do this again.

And dumb me, I'm trying to talk.  "Fras-mmmph."  More kissing, more humping, I'm starting to see stars.  "Fra-God--Fra-" I gasp in between bouts with that...tongue.  He's clutching me hard now, the hand on my hip is going to leave bruises, the one on the back of my neck is clenching and unclenching. I've got my fingers wrapped up in red wool, holding so hard they're starting to ache.

I never knew he could be so hungry, I never knew I wanted to be his buffet.  I want to know a whole lot more.   I tear my mouth from his to gasp for air.  Undeterred, he moves back to those oddly hot face kisses.  When heís determined Iíve sucked in enough air to sustain us, he clamps back down on my mouth and sucks on my tongue.

Suddenly, he makes a sound like he's crying, wraps me up tight and slams into me.  I drop my hands down to his ass under his jacket, run my fingers down the seam between his cheeks to hold him hard just below the curves.  He moans and jerks against me, jerks again and comes. His head drops to my shoulder, heavy, like he'll never move again. But before I can shift weight, his hand on my hip dives down my waistband into my shorts and wraps around my cock.  At the first touch of his skin on mine, I'm coming hard, jerking into his hand and whimpering into his shoulder.

He's holding me up and I'm holding him up and neither one of us is doing a very good job which is maybe why we end up sliding down the door to land in a heap at the bottom.

I keep holding him tight, not wanting the passion part to end and the whole cold reality thing to set in.  But, as always, it's only a matter of time.  We're not situated very comfortably, although I've got it better since I've got the door to lean against.  Fraser's basically in a crouch over there and that can't be feeling very good.

Sure enough, he pulls back first, but he doesn't stand up right away. Instead he just stares at me.  I feel a blush rising, and I can't meet his eyes.  "What?" I snap, all in a turmoil, waiting for him to tell me this can never happen again.

He still doesn't speak.  He lifts a hand to my face and cups my cheek and just stares some more.  

"What?" I say again, softer this time.

"I can't believe this is real."

I blush harder.  But it's easier to look him in the eye now.  "Me neither, " I dare.  ìFraser, I never knew....You, you want me?"  Not suave, not cool, but I'm so fucking amazed.  He never let on.  Never let me see this...

"I never intended for you to know...I didn't think you would ever want...." his whispered voice breaks off.

I lean forward and brush my lips across his mouth.  "Want you, wanted you, never dreamed I could maybe have you," I whisper back.

He blushes now and shifts on his crouched feet.  "I was wondering...that is, I was," eyebrow rub,"...I was...hoping, I guess would be the better word...yes, I was hoping that maybe...." neck crack, and he runs out of words and goes back to just staring.

".. maybe this could keep being real?" I venture, hoping that he's going the same place I am.

"Yes." He says with great conviction, then blushes.  "I mean, that's what I was trying to ask."  Lip lick, eyebrow rub.  "That's what I....want.  It's what I..."

"I want that, too."  I interrupt.

His face clears and his shoulders drop in what I think is relief.   "Ah. Well, that's very good then."  He stands up and hold his hand down to me.  I take it and stand up with him, but he doesn't release me.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"  I ask.

He pulls me in close and shockingly, reaches around me to...grab my ass? No, he's pulling my notebook of case notes out of my back pocket.  Damn.  "No, I found something much more."  He holds up the notebook and lets go of me to move to the edge of the building.  He raises his arm to throw the notebook over.

"Wait,"  I say and my stupid heart is singing.  "It's all right.  We do want them to catch the guy after all."

"You're sure?  Because I'm good to go here." He waves the notebook over the edge again.

My words in his mouth make me smile, but I hold my hand out for the notebook, "No, it's all right.  Really.  Let's go dump this with Welsh and let those Fibbies fight over it."

"Very well, then."  He moves away from the edge and back over to the door to the steps.  He opens it and waves me through.  I go through and he lets the door shut behind us.

In the dimness of the stairwell, I hear him say, "We would seem to have a certain amount of free time, then."

"That's true."  I say back, sitting down on the top step to slide my shoes back on.

He sits next to me.  Very close.  "Perhaps, we could go 'hang out' at your apartment."

I turn my head and look at him, hands still on my laces.  "Yeah?"

He nods.

"I am so all over that, Fraser."  I finish tying my laces lickety-split.

"And perhaps while we are there, we could settle that other matter you presented earlier."  He stands without looking at me and straightens his tunic before starting down the stairs, the picture of Mountie perfection.

I follow him, turning over what he said in my head, watching him move.  Just as we get to the fourth floor door, I figure it out.  I stop stock-still and my cock which had been happily snoozing tries its damndest to have a wet dream.

"Coming, Ray?"  His voice is pure polite inquiry, but the quirk to his eyebrows tells me he's figured out that I've figured it out.

"You are in so much trouble, Mountie," I snarl as I brush past him.  Fall in love with a Mountie and what happens?  You pay and you pay and you pay....