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Pairing: F/K

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Fraser and Ray discuss the relative merits of particular pizza toppings.


by Journey

“I´m not going to like it.”

“You once said you´d try anything.” Fraser´s voice was mild, but the challenge was clear. He did not pause in his preparations.

Ray flushed. “Wasn´t talking about food then, Fraser, and you know it. Besides, I didn´t say I wouldn´t try it, I said I wouldn´t LIKE it.”

“I don´t think you have enough information to ascertain that just yet, Ray.”

“Come on, Fraser. What´s to like here?”

“Honestly, Ray, it´s a good thing you weren´t this reluctant in bed.”

“Fraser!” Ray was shocked into laughing. He came up behind Fraser at the counter and wrapped his arms around him. Still chuckling, he watched Fraser´s hands kneading the dough. “Freak,” he said affectionately into Fraser´s shoulder. “There´s a big difference between you and whale fat and fungus.”

“I´m so pleased you think so, Ray.” Fraser nuzzled Ray behind the ear, biting gently on the lobe, before bumping Ray away from him. “Now, if you will kindly remove yourself from my backside, I will finish this pizza.”

“I kind of like your backside, Fraser.” But Ray moved away from the kitchen and Fraser and went to look out the cabin window. “It´s snowing.”

“I know.”

“Yeah, you know because I just told you.”

“I already knew, Ray.”

“Bat ears, “ Ray muttered and turned back to the window.

“I heard that.”

Ray grinned at his reflection.

“I heard that, too.”

In due time, the pizza was finished. “All set,” Fraser called from the table and Ray put down his book to come to dinner.

The pizza steamed gently in the middle of the old oak table. Ray stared at it with some trepidation. It didn´t look too bad if one discounted the odd shimmering blobs of blubber that wiggled slightly when he scooted his chair in under the table.

The lichen actually looked edible, a bit like spinach Ray decided. The mozzarella and sauce he knew were okay. They had picked up the cheese today and the sauce was one he´d made last week and frozen.

Fraser already had a piece on his plate and was about to eat it. Even Dief looked hopeful. Fraser looked up before taking a bite.


“Yeah, Fraser. I´m getting it.” Ray took a piece for himself and automatically pulled off a bit of the crust to give to Dief.

“Trying new things can be stimulating, Ray.” Fraser took another bite and contemplated Ray. “As I think you would remember.”

Again Ray felt his face heat. What was up with Fraser tonight? He´d certainly relaxed some since the whole “I love you frontwards, backwards, upside down and smeared with Jell-O” thing, but he wasn´t usually into innuendo, unless.....Ray looked at Fraser carefully. His eyes looked dark, his gaze was intense and when Ray looked at him, Fraser licked his lips. Okay, maybe that last one was in pursuit of stray tomato sauce, but the result was the same: Alpha Fraser was out tonight. Ray felt his groin heat.

Without taking his eyes from Fraser´s, he picked up the piece of pizza on his plate and took a bite. It was....surprisingly tasty. Still holding Fraser´s gaze, he chewed and swallowed and took another bite. Fraser started back on his own piece, taking his own bite while Ray was chewing. Ray finished and took another bite, then Fraser. Back and forth, until they had a peculiar kind of rhythm going.

It was strange. It was strangely... hot.

They finished about the same time, Ray took a long drink of beer, while Fraser grabbed another piece and scooted his chair closer. He still had that weird, intense look in his eyes. “I suggest,” he said in a tone that was hardly suggestive of a suggestion, “we share this piece.” He offered it to Ray.

What the hell. Who knew that pizza would be such a turn-on tonight? But Ray figured he could go with it. He bent his head and took a bite. Fraser bent at the same time and took his own bite his lips just centimeters away from Ray´s. Ray leaned back and chewed quickly, feeling the tomato sauce smeared on his mouth. He looked for a napkin, but before he could reach for one, Fraser was there, in his space, practically in his lap, and that mouth was all over his own, licking sucking, biting, little nips and sucks that brought Ray to full arousal in seconds.

Ray forgot about the napkin, forgot about the pizza, forgot everything but how to swallow his last bite quickly and open his mouth wide to the onslaught of a turned on and horny Mountie.

Fraser tasted of sauce and cheese and hot, hot sex. Ray moaned and clutched at Fraser´s shoulders, then ran his hands up Fraser´s neck and slid his fingers into Fraser´s hair. He lifted his chin and showed Fraser his neck. Fraser took the hint and moved his lips downward in abbreviated, stinging leaps, sucking so hard between each move Ray knew he´d show the signs tomorrow.

“I´m so glad you enjoyed the pizza, Ray.” Fraser gasped hoarsely while his hand burrowed under Ray´s sweater and thermal shirt to the skin below.

“Didn´t say that, Fraser.” Ray was all over alpha Fraser, he really was, but he wasn´t going to just cave in completely.

“Yes, you did, Ray.” Fraser´s fingers pulled upward savagely and divested Ray of his sweater and thermal shirt in one synchronized motion.

“No, Fraser, I didn´t.” Granted, he may have moaned the last bit but at least the words were working the way he wanted which was amazing considering what Fraser was doing to his nipples.

“You certainly looked like you were enjoying it.” Fraser licked his way down to Ray´s belly button.

“Hey, I can put on a show,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Of that I have no doubt,” Fraser panted, his hands sliding along Ray´s waistband, “but I want to hear you admit you liked the pizza.” Fraser´s hands toyed with the top button on Ray´s jeans.

“No way.” Ray forced himself to wrench his body out of his chair and stand up.

For a moment, Fraser looked stunned, then he seemed to gather himself up. He stood up. Slowly, he advanced. "Admit it."

"What if I don't want to?" Ray held onto his bravado and his cocky grin even though his breath was coming in short gasps that would have made a longer sentence difficult.

"Then sterner measures would be seem to be necessary." Fraser continued forward making Ray back up into the alcove between the bedroom and the bathroom doors.

 "Oh, yeah?" Good, attitude was still there, but he could not stop his body from reacting to Fraser's words. "Bring it on."

 "Oh, I will. Have no doubt about that." Fraser had him backed totally in the corner now and had his hands on the wall on either side of Ray's head. He leaned in briefly, brushing their bodies together for one maddening second.

 Ray groaned.

"Admit it," Fraser whispered, leaning in again and just brushing his lips against Ray's ear.

Ray valiantly kept up his end, "Never gonna admit it, Frase. Never gonna.”

"Turn around." Another breathy whisper, this time against his other ear, another fully body brush against his.

Ray let out the breath he'd been holding in two quick pants, moaned and turned.

Now all that heat was along his back and he could feel, oh God, he could feel Fraser's cock against his ass. He put his hands on the wall and pushed back against that hard length.

Fraser moved his own hands and slid them down Ray´s naked chest and over Ray's stomach to the waistband of his jeans. He made short work of the buttons and in one swift motion, knelt bringing Ray's jeans down to mid-thigh.

Mouth. Oh god, mouth. Hot, wet mouth on his ass, on his back, licking, biting, lower, lower. Ray felt his legs jerked apart roughly and then that tongue was on him, hot and wet and doing things inside. Fraser´d never...he´d never...Oh, god. Ray groaned aloud and thrust forward into air and back into that amazing tongue. He couldn't tell if he was coming or going.

 Although the odds were slightly in favor of coming.

 Then the mouth was gone. "Admit it."

Wha--? Admit what? Oh, that. "Okay, okay. Yes, it was the best damn pizza I"ve ever eaten. Blubber, lichen all the time, just go back to what you were doing.... Please."

"As you wish, Ray."