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The following stories are slash fiction depicting two men in a loving relationship. They all feature Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski. If NC-17 slash and/or Ray K are not your cup of tea or if you are under the age of 18, please hit the "back" button on your browser and go play elsewhere.

The characters of dueSouth who are featured in these stories are not mine, no matter what I may wish. They belong to Alliance/Atlantis. No money is being made from these stories.

Below you will find a complete list of my stories to date. Please read and enjoy them. Feedback is always appreciated at

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Family Portrait 1/21/01 446K AU, NC-17. A widowed policeman meets a Canadian Mountie in Chicago.
Journey's End 08/05/00 8K R. A post-CoTW ficlet about the end of the search for Franklin's Hand.
Pack 08/28/00 32K NC-17. Sequel to Journey's End. Fraser and Ray travel to Florida to visit the Vecchios.
Pathfinders 07/04/01 204K NC-17. This story involves Florida, Ray V., Stella, camping, bowling and a brief respite in a pool house. Sometimes to go forward, you must first step backwards. Sequel to Pack.

01/17/01 9K

NC-17. Just another stake-out...
Where's My Hat? 10/27/00 7K NC-17. Fraser goes to visit Ray.
Toppings 2/11/01 8K Fraser and Ray discuss pizza toppings
Open Arms 4/26/01 16.5K NC-17. Fraser has certain realizations during a near-death experience.
Chase 08/24/01 23K NC-17. Hide and seek.
Circumstantial Evidence 04/10/02 23K NC-17. From the case notes of Detective Kowalski.
Blueprint 06/25/02 411K NC-17. A man with a plan.
Tundra 01/29/03 26K PG Snow baths.